Anglins Win GABC April Tournament on Guntersville
April 20-21, 2013


Water Temp: Low to Mid 60s in the morning, warming to 70 in the afternoons
Clarity: Medium stain typical for Guntersville
Weather: Sunny       
Air Temp: 40s in morning, warming to around 65 to 70 by weigh-in
Winds: Moderate (Approx. 10 to 15 mph)
Weather Pattern:  Strong cold front passed through Friday, leaving bluebird skies, cold mornings, and moderate winds for the tournament days. 


First Place: Billy Anglin / Mark Anglin - 42.09 lbs (10 fish) - Billy and Mark blew the field away by more than 8 lbs by focusing on grassy points (or curvatures in the grassline) that the fish were using as staging areas coming and going from spawning pockets.  They kept their boat in less than 10 feet of water, throwing in to shallower areas from 2 to 5 feet deep.  On Saturday they brought in a nice limit weighing 19lbs + on chatterbaits and jerkbaits, which put them in a 4-team pack that were all scattered around the 20lb mark.  On Sunday, they refined their pattern a bit more and found that a hollow belly swimbait produced some even better bites.  Their great bag of 22.84lbs on Sunday sealed their win.  They noted that Sunday was their best day ever on Guntersville, and they "lost count" of how many fish they caught.  Obviously, these guys really figured them out this time around - congrats to Billy and Mark on a great win!

Second Place
 Dustin Baker / Jared Green – 33.89 lbs (10 fish) -  Dustin and Jared found a great area up the lake to carry them to a strong 2nd place showing.  They focused on rip-rap areas around bridges with a crankbait and the A-Rig.  They started the tournament strong on Saturday with nearly 20lbs.  They noted that there were shad everywhere along their key stretch of rip rap, and you could see them flicking on the surface.  They speculated that they might have been fortunate to find some very early shad spawning activity.  They went through 4 limits of fish by 8am on Saturday.  They were able to ride the same pattern Sunday under tougher conditions, closing out their 2nd place finish with a limit of 14.27lbs.   As the highest finishing eligible team in the New Member Incentive, these guys also will get half price entry into the May tournament.

Third Place:  Bill Booth – 33.60 lbs (10 fish) – Bill relied on a few different patterns for his 3rd place catch.  On Saturday, he caught his 5 weigh-in fish on 4 different baits.  He caught 1 keeper each on a jerkbait, wacky-rigged 7" Senko, and Mag II worm.  These fish were in very shallow, hard bottomed pockets.  He also added two sight-fish to round out his limit.  On Sunday, Bill caught all of his fish on the Senko fishing a grassy breakline just outside of a major spawning flat.  He noted that all of his bites came from one relatively small area (maybe 3 to 5 boat lengths long) where the breakline bulged out forming a subtle point.          

Fourth Place
 Dewey Neese / Tommy Akers - 32.98lbs (9 fish) -  Dewey and Tommy came out of the gate strong, leading the tournament after Day 1 with a limit weighing 20.77lbs.  They got their fish on humps and docks with a variety of baits - chatterbaits, spotstickers/work combos, jigs, and fishhead spin.  They focused on 2 to 6 foot depths.  Unfortunately, their fish abandoned them Sunday when the full effects of the strong cold front set in.  However, their 4 fish Sunday were enough to hold on to the last check.    
Big Fish:  If you were trying to catch a big one, evidently you needed to be throwing a rattle trap.  Michael Clayton caught the big fish of the tournament on Day 2, a beautiful 6.92lber on the trap.  Austin Phillips caught big fish of Day 1, weighing in at 6.62lbs, also on the trap. 

Other Notes:  The club as a whole caught 157 fish over the 2 day event, which averaged a whopping 3.25lbs per fish!  That is a testament to the quality of fish that live in Guntersville.  This is impressive with the strong cold front conditions that we faced.  It was also interesting to see how the front didn't affect the bite much on Day 1 (first day after frontal passage).  Many nice catches came to the scales Day 1.  Things stiffened significantly on Day 2, after two very cold mornings affected the fish.  Many teams reported that their fish abandoned them on Day 2.  We also did a great job with fish care - just one dead fish over the two-day event.  Let's hope everyone takes care of their fish this well, so Guntersville will be great for years to come. 

Next Tournament:  May 19th at Lake Lanier (Charleston Park Ramp) - hope to see everyone there!


Lake Guntersville          
April 20 - 21, 2013
  Team Fish Weight Big Fish Pts Payout
1 Billy Anglin / Mark Anglin 10 42.09 5.00 100 $530
2 Dustin Baker / Jared Green 10 33.89 5.09 99 $290
3 Bill Booth 10 33.60 0.00 98 $200
4 Dewey Neese / Tom Akers 9 32.98 5.65 97 $215
5 Ron Thomas / Jay Donahue 10 31.96 0.00 96
6 Bo Waldrip / Logan Waldrip 9 29.83 4.22 95
7 Albert Little / Randy Little 8 29.79 6.26 94
8 Michael Thomas / Scott Barnes 8 26.78 5.11 93
9 Justin Beavers / Fred Hawkins 10 26.11 0.00 92
10 Dan Wonders / Robert Oakes 9 26.04 0.00 91
11 Jackie Beavers / Jay Beavers 8 25.98 0.00 90
12 Steve Taylon / Stacy Long 9 25.60 0.00 89
13 Eric Holmes / Darren Holmes 8 25.06 0.00 88
14 Bob Johnson / Jake Johnson 9 24.00 0.00 87
15 Jimmy Fitzenreiter  6 21.58 6.17 86
16 Brian Zaczek / Thomas Zaczek 5 15.88 5.93 85
17 Michael Clayton / Phil Clayton 3 14.30 6.92 84 $230
18 Jerry Haynes / Jerry Haynes 4 12.56 4.52 83
19 Eric Ford / Justin Green 4 11.43 0.00 82
20 Jeff Dalton / Ron Harris 4 11.34 0.00 81
21 Lance Phillips / Austin Phillips 2 8.54 6.62 80 $115
22 Michael Gibbons / James Henry Gibbons 2 5.79 0.00 79
23 Jeremy Vaughn / Thomas Epps 0 0.00 0.00 78
24 Bill Martynuska 0 0.00 0.00 78
  Tournament Summary          
Total Fish 157      
Total Alive 156      
% Live Release 99%      
Total Weight (lbs) 515.1
Avg. Weight Per Fish (lbs) 3.28
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